ITILware is an independent web site dedicated to promote IT Service Management and best practices under a multi-cultural view. You will find information on:

ITIL ... and more

international cooperation
Not surprisingly in a site called ITILware, the main topic is the dicussion of ITIL, yet another related-in-spirit disciplines are covered.

If you have found this site you are aware of the importance of the processes.
Non process oriented people are usually at the same time the most valuable asset and the main stumbling stone.
We will cover processes with emphasis in the comunication to non-process oriented people.

management consulting
Improve efficiency and profitability as goals. Identify problems and recommend solutions as main tasks. Research and data collection as starting points.
This is a short description of a demanding career.

The world has become smaller. Japan is no longer an exotic place to visit from Europe, but a twelve hour trip.
Thanks to the web, now equated to Internet, it is easier to find information about a remote place than about your own borough.

It looks that the culture has eventually became global. Far from truth, cultural patterns and behaviors remain almost unchanged.

Cultures are solutions to general and particular problems built during thousands years.
The concepts of authority, conflict resolution, tolerance to the uncertainty and expression of feelings are radically different.

These differences frustrate individuals and get into the way of promising projects every day.

But also, cultural differences can be turn into an advantage if managed properly.